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Where and How to use Audio on Your Site in Steps

Streaming audio has a variety of uses that can help you win more customers and increase your profits. Some of the most powerful ways you can use streaming audio on your site are for: Welcome Messages A personal introductory message about yourself, your business, and your products can help orient customers, create transparency into your business, and build trust between you and your customers. Site Maps Tell customers where they can find things on your website and direct them to important parts of the site where you want them to go (towards your product). Quick Tips Share inside tips and tricks with your customers that will enhance their online experience. Over 80% of customers will click on a link to a tip because they know it offers useful information that will save them time. Instructions You can provide quick and easy instructions to your customers by placing audio buttons on your site.

Explain what you want them to do and they will listen. Assurances Study your site statistics to see which page(s) customers are seeing before they leave your site. Is there something on the page that may make customers hesitant to continue, such as a subscription form or a payment link? An audio clip explaining your payment process or privacy policy can help you reassure nervous customers and put their fears to rest. A testimonial with a photograph is more credible than a testimonial without one.

If you have a photograph and use an audio message, you will be greatly increasing the power of those testimonials. Prospective customers will feel even more confident about buying your product or service. Teleconferences and Seminars Streaming teleconferences and seminars can attract customers interested in the topic (and hopefully in your product or service) as well as those who, due to geographical or time constraints, were unable to attend.

Thank You Messages Audio in emails or on order confirmation pages is a good way to personally thank customers for buying from you. It will help you build customer loyalty and increase the chance of repeat sales. Building Trust Offer an audio statement of your guarantee. Or, even better, record a personalized audio introduction to your bonus. Some merchants claim that this helps build trust and credibility as the visitor gets to better identify the 'real' person behind the site. No matter how you use streaming audio on your website, you must have a well prepared message and good delivery.

Keep your voice animated and use a conversational style rather than a formal tone. Your voice is what humanizes you and what your customers relate to. Above all, just be confident and be yourself! Don't Forget To Do This When Using Audio. Refer to the checklist below before you finalize your streaming audio message: 1.

Keep your message short and to the point. Don't waste time with long audio. Introduce yourself and your site, make your pitch, point customers in the right direction, and then stop. People have short attention spans so you don't want to overload them with too much information.

Instead, you can break apart long audio and use it in relevant pages throughout the site. 2. Speak at a normal volume.

You don't want to speak too loudly when recording your audio. The sound could get distorted or it may seem as though you're shouting. Speak at a normal tone and customers can always increase the volume if necessary. It's therefore a good idea to have a volume scroll bar among your audio buttons. 3.

Let customers control playback. Don't assume your customers want to hear your audio right away and launch it as soon as they arrive on a page. You never know where they are accessing from or what other sounds they may already have going on in the background.

Simply invite customers to click and you'll be surprised by the surprisingly large number who are driven by their curiosity and will click on your link. 4. Include a Play, Pause, and Stop button. Sometimes customers don't have time - or the desire - to listen to your entire message. And sometimes they need to listen to it one more time to catch something they missed. Let customers take control and put a play, pause, and stop button on your audio.

5. Include a picture. Customers like to see something while they're listening.

Include a picture of yourself above your audio buttons so they have something to look at and can match your face with your voice. This will help you add a personal touch. 6. Listen to your audio before it goes up on your site.

These little streaming audio tips will help you win more customers and increase your profits.

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