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If you are wondering what is the forgotten traffic technique, here is it. It's signature line. You use signature lines daily in your personal and business interactions online, but are you using them right? Chances are the answer to that question is no. Most people do not use signature lines to their full potential and that is a shame because they have so much to offer. What is a Signature Line A signature line is part of every email and message board system. The signature line is a place for you to sign you email or post.

Some system allows you to even put pictures in your signature, in addition to just a short line. Many people will put a quote or a comment about themselves there in the signature line. However, if you are business-minded, you will be using signatures for business promotion. How to Use your Signature Line There are some things you have to know about signature lines. For your personal emails inserting a link is fine, but on message boards and in other situations, linking is usually banned in signature lines.

So, you have to be a bit more creative. You will need to sell your business without making it look too obvious. You do not want to get banned due to misuse of your signature line. You should check out the website guidelines with regards to using your signature line. You will need to make sure you follow the rules or you could get in trouble.

Signature Lines as Advertising The bad thing about signature lines is that they are easily overlooked. It is up to you to make sure they catch the eye of the reader. Make it look interesting and make it stand out. If allowed per the posting rules you can add in fancy writing, pictures and other flourishes to help make your signature line stand out. Do Not Under Estimate Signature Lines Most people think signature lines are too little to do any good.

This is a major misconception. You may be surprised that people DO read signature lines. It's a habit, just like people like to read P.S. lines. They are a look at the person and tell you more about them.

So, do not just sell in your signature line, but also divulge a little side of your personality and tell them who you are to really make it stand out and make it work to help you get more business and traffic at your website.

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