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The Power Of A Press Release

Over the weekend I wrote a press release. I used the following headline when I first submitted, it was sent back as being to much like an advertisement so I had to redo it. Actually I have to redo it several times, before it was accepted.

Finally it was accepted, and the results have been phenomenal. I have already had over 3500 views and the release has been picked up by 70 different news services in the first day. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to get exposure for their product or service consider doing a press release. Here's the original headline I used, "Construction Worker With No Business Experience Makes $60 Million Dollars Online". They sent this back and said it too much like an advertisement, so I rewrote the headline.

The new headline I used was, "Online Training Service Set To Launch January 2, 2007". That worked like a charm. After I submitted the release, there was an immediate swarm of activity. I was able to login to my account and watch the stats in Real Time.

It was exciting to see the amount of times that people were looking at my Press Release, and how many times it was being picked up by different News Desks. The release was all about the impending launch of a new Online Training Service called The Affiliate Community. After the headline, you need to write a brief synopsis of the release in 125 words or less. Then you write the body of the release where you tell about the who, what, when and where of your story. Then I went on to describe the service in detail.

And in way it was really a subliminal sales letter. But it was structured correctly as a release. At the end they allow you to put your contact information and the URL. What was really interesting about this is that I had put audio on my home page.

The audio is auto start, so it immediately starts playing when someone hits my home page. And in the release the press release service frames in your home page. As a result, when someone went to look at my press release, they were immediately greeted by my audio.

So in reality I had created a talking press release. It was cool! I was so impressed with the results that I plan to do a press release at least once per day. It was exciting to login and see the response, and how quickly it was picked up.

Once again I would highly recommend using a press release as a way to generate traffic to your web site.

Steve Renner Author, Internet Marketing Expert, and the Marketing Director for The Affiliate Community. Sign Up today and get $1,000 of Training and Resources FREE!

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