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The Hidden Truth Behind Network Marketing

With Internet access opening up to 10,000s of new users each and every day more and more people are trying their hands at making money online. A large majority are turning to network marketing, also known as MLM, to achieve this. Unfortunate 95% of them are going to fail because they are not shown the truth behind building a successful network marketing business. This article will look at what most sponsors and network business forget to teach their prospects. Many new marketers come in to network marketing business under the belief it is all about sales.

Selling the companies products to their family, friends and any one else they can pin down and sell to. This is not the case network marketing is about relationship management; the building of strong business relationships with prospects, also called leads, to a point where they trust you enough to become an active business partner. So you job is not to sell the companies products.

If you are not selling the products what is your job. The one thing that you company wants you to do is to promote their business opportunity. It is your job to find new prospects and introduce them to the business opportunity buy building a relationship with them. This is the one thing you must focus all your effort on achieving as this is what builds a long term income in network marking. The key to success of any network marketing business is the easy at which new prospects can build a business.

The ability to duplicate the actions required to generate new leads and convert them into active members of your business. Your business my have the best product in the world but if you can not teach your prospects how to introduce their own new members you can not succeed. Finding a program which offers a system that can be easily duplicated is more important that a great compensation plan. So many new network marketers have the mistaken assumption that because they are doing business online it is FREE.

Running a business online is much less expensive than a of line business but there are still cost involved. You have to be prepared to invest in your success; if you are not prepaid to do this dont waste your time trying. 10,000 of people are making money online each and every day; most spend years making mistakes before they even realise the basic truth behind successful network marketing. Its a business of relationship management where you help your self by teaching others how to duplicate your success. You are not selling products but teaching solutions.

Only when you realise this have you taken the first steps to success.

Lee Coppin is a highly active network marketer who has builds his success on teaching others to duplicate his success .Discover how average people with no marketing backgrounds are getting prospects to pay them....NEVER PAY FOR TRAFFIC AGAIN!!!

Affiliate Marketing

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