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SEO or List Building Which one is more important

Traffic is the very lifeblood of every business online. With over a million new web pages being created daily the chances of a potential customer finding you at just the right time is very slim. Therefore building a search engine optimized site is important in order to get a rating close enough to the front of the list a user will find your site before tiring of the search or finding their purchase elsewhere. First off, Search Engine Optimisation is designed to get "leads" to your website. It is only after you get them to view your information that they may become customers. It is impossible to know every nuance of what the search engines look for but there are a few firm rules for improving your ranking.

Firstly you must use exacting html code. Removing depreciated code elements will make your page more modern and relevant and easier for the spiders to read. Your text must contain a fair number of your keywords in appropriate places. Be sure to include keywords in the alt tags of images & headers. Also make sure you have the proper information in your meta tags and make sure that links to and from your page are relevant to the content.

Never rely solely on search engine traffic to make your site prosper. Too many variables can come into play. For one, the search engines routinely change the details of what they are looking for and also the actual words typed into a search box may or may not fit the exact wording of your keywords. However good SEO is it is still a random source of viewers. With a list of opted in e-mail clients you have a direct market to people who have already shown an interest in what you are offering. Some care should be shown to exactly how you use your list since it is a valuable commodity for your business.

Unless you have just one product you will want to group your list into subcategories of user interests. If for instance you have a group interested in software you would want to avoid sending them advertisements for hardware and electronics. Focusing on their interests will keep them from beginning to see too many uninteresting emails and possibly unsubscribing from your mailing list. Your list can form a group of people loyal to your product or ideas. To increase your list and create a viral growth, it is possible to engage your existing clients to spread the word for you. An irresistible product that can be offered for free or a huge discount if your customer has referred someone else to you can win even greater suport of your efforts by those who use them.

Building a good SEO page is a one time task. Updating data does not require extensive reworking. List building on the other hand is an ongoing process. Even if you only update your site infrequently, an hour a day working on advertising to drive new people to your signup squeeze page will eventually grow your business to new levels of success.

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