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Payday Loans

Need money fast? That is the nature of an emergency; suddenly, out of a clear blue sky, something happens that takes money to fix, and you need it fixed now. Everyone has gone through that particular scenario. The question is: what to do about it? More and more people have taken advantage of payday loans to quickly clear up a crisis.

They have found how fast and simple taking out a payday loan can be. The folks at, for example, have a quick and concise webpage designed to give quick, concise information and a quick application process as well.

With just a few clicks you have a very clear idea who they are and what they require from you. To make a payday loan, there are very few requirements. You need to be a US citizen, be eighteen years of age, have a regular monthly income of eight hundred dollars on a fixed income, or one thousand dollars a month from your employment, and have the capability to direct deposit into your bank account.

It takes thirty to sixty seconds to apply, and there is no credit check. Very soon one of their representatives will contact you to tell you whether or not you qualify, and if you do, up to five hundred dollars will be deposited into your bank account overnight. Their repayment policy is just as clear and forthright as their payday loan policy. The charge is thirty dollars for every one hundred dollars. The next payday you will pay back the loan or make a minimum payment.

Should you need to extend your loan you should contact your representative before the payment due date, and make arrangements to make the minimum payment to keep your account going. No credit check, no application fee, no paper trail; all very good reasons to apply for a payday loan in times of need. What times, though, is a payday loan not needed? To pay for luxury items is definitely not the time to do it.

For example, a ring you saw in a store that you fell in love with and must possess is definitely not the reason to take out a payday loan. Luxuries are just that, things we don't necessarily need. Needing money because you are living above your means needs reconsideration and restructuring of priorities, not a payday loan. When, however, are the times to consider a payday loan? Cars breaking down, major appliances go on the fritz, a family member needs a doctor or a prescription, dental emergencies, these are the kind of things that require fast cash. Experts say that it is unwise to have more than two outstanding payday loans; that is limit that will allow you; indeed, there are states that outlaw more than two payday transactions.

The experts also recommend that the loans be paid off as soon as possible, even if that means giving up something non-essential, like a movie, DVD, or the like. When you can wisely use payday loans, then you can know that if, there comes an emergency, there is a place that you can turn for help.

Frank Scandolono is the director of, an online provider of payday loans since 2005. He has written several articles that assist people in deciding if a payday loan is right for them.

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