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Is Your Google Page Rank Really All That Important

Page rank is really about the number of links between a website and other relevant websites. Google is just interested in links between individual pages of a website and not on just a domain The page rank of a web page can be seen in the Google page rank bar on the Google Toolbar. It actually takes 10 links to reach PR1, and then a lot more to reach 2 and up.

That's not it, because it also depends on the Page Rank of the page that will be linking to your page. Nobody knows the exact formula Google uses to determine your page rank, but there are ways to improve your rank and thus build your business through more traffic to your site. Try out these five Google tips to help get more traffic to your website: 1.

How can you increase your Google page rank? By increasing the amount of relevant websites that link back to yours. Keep in mind that the links do not need to be specific to your site, but to your specific pages. That's why it's called page rank. TIP: Avoid using link farms or Free For All (FFA) pages! 2. Use keyphrases and not keywords.

Keywords are not specific enough anymore to help you rank well in Google due to the large number of websites competing for traffic. Avoid wasting your time optimizing your pages using keywords only. By using specific keyphrases where there is less competition you have a much better chance to rank well in Google and to also improve the quality of your websites traffic. 3. Google likes to see a lot of copy on your web pages.

The copy text should contain your keyphrases, but should also be informative and helpful. Why would someone visit your website if you just list your keyphrases? The content of your website should encourage your visitors to laugh, think, get upset, and stay informed. But most importantly should bring them back for more. TIP: Interesting, informative copy is much more attractive to Google then useless nonsense.

4. The easiest way to find quality backlinks for your site is by installing the free Google Toolbar. With it you can find out the Page Rank (PR) and backlinks for any site you visit and then easily determine if it is worth the time and effort to link to that site. 5. Choose a short catchy domain name.

If possible, find a keyword for your domain, one that people will remember and that is easy to type into Google or a browser to find what they're looking for on the Internet. We are talking about some work here, but if you want it bad enough then you have to pay the price. Those who take the time to optimize their pages for Google and achieve a high page rank are the ones with all the traffic. Copyright 2008 Joe Rispoli.

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