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How to Start and Expand Your Personal Network

This is about discovering and using the most important of all the basic network marketing strategies. If you know anything about network marketing you know that the success of your business falls solely on only one network marketing strategy: Prospecting. That's what makes network marketing very simple for some and very hard for others. Prospecting (definition): searching for potential clients, customers or candidates! Q: What kind of people is network marketing extremely hard for? A: Those people who do not understand the importance of prospecting. Q: What kind of people is network marketing extremely easy for? A: Those people who do understand and practise the art of focused prospecting.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in your network marketing efforts you have to learn how to prospect, and how to prospect in the most effective way. We will look at some of the basics here, but to really be effective at prospecting you have to have continual and progressive prospecting training and then put it all into action! Yes, practise, practise, and more practise! Prospecting means going out on a limb for some; and for others it is a simple act of socialising with potential team members, and having a short, extremely concise description of your product or service, and an appropriate 'story' regarding same, and using it without fear or an attachment to a particular outcome. Some people will show interest; and others won't. It's that simple! Develop a systematic approach; keep records of the people showing the slightest sign of interest (develop your listening skills here) and stay in touch. N.

B. Actually tell them that you will stay in touch; and lightheartedly let them know that you will be the 'dripping tap' until they show any signs of disinterest. That's being authentic, and showing integrity (and tenacity), and you will be respected for it. If you believe in your product or service; show genuine interest in telling others about it; and systematically contact your potential team members: you will develop a strong and repeatable habit of 'knowing', that without being offensive or an absolute pain in the arse with your friends and family, will start to work for you. In turn, you can then show others how to do the same, and they can do the same .

and so on. This is developing a strong and sustainable team or network. Here is a simple method of putting together two separate prospecting lists: Firstly, put together a list of everyone you would invite to a personal and private party or function. Then contact them one at a time to tell them about your new venture. Don't beat around the bush - be direct and open with people.

Remember: Once you're talking to them, go easy on family and friends by respecting their right to receive some information, but back-off the second you detect any negative reactions to your efforts. Secondly, put together another list of business associates or sporting team members, or any organisational contacts you may have, and then do the same methodical talking to each of them, one at a time. Show confidence, rather than arrogance; and remember that some will show interest, and some won't! Of those who show interest, you will encounter a variety of different levels of research and information required before they will show commitment; in some cases, a HUGE difference! We are all different, and some of us are convinced quickly and will make decisions accordingly; others won't! They may even frustrate you in how much information or convincing they require; but while there is still interest there is still hope. Remember that golden rule: "I will be the dripping tap until there are any signs of disinterest"! Also remember this: People who require research and more convincing aren't necessarily showing signs of disinterest, and you must learn to know the difference, as this is often the difference between winning Gold, Silver or Bronze medals in anything that we do! Just in case you don't know what the 'dripping tap' significance is: A dripping tap will eventually wear away even the hardest of surfaces under the point where the drips hit the ground (including concrete) and will eventually create quite a significant hole if left to continue dripping. People can be the same when put into any situation requiring follow-up, and if you actually tell the other person that you will be the dripping tap until told to be different, you will develop a strong but comfortable relatonship with them.

That relationship will be based on respect and openness. All business is about people: and the relationships with those people!.

Phil Evans is a business networking specialist, focussing on helping business owners and entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their companies through the use of referral networking. Phil is the co-founder of Synergy Biz Net, a company designed to help reach local, national and global clients for any business. Learn more at:

Affiliate Marketing

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