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How To Know If You Picked The Right Home Business

With the economy slowly riding into a recession, we all want extra money. Ever thought about a home network business? Every ten seconds someone is starting to build their business. How do you know what questions you should be asking? The most critical factor is how your thinking. What you think about, you bring about. How real (in your mind) will you create your success? Before success the mindset is crucial . Are you thinking how much this will cost me? Or, how much you will make this year? The first mindset is for an employee, the latter is the business owner.

Is there a proven system? Has the company gone through the 5 year benchmark that most don't live past? Is there a track record of years of success? Are the people teaching leadership, making the money, and been there for a while? Or are the people, who teach the system, been there for 6 months and starting their business? Will the leadership, be the people who mentor me? Can someone else train my people? Also train me? Is the income opportunity real with proven results? Successful businesses talk with real people. The human factor. From other peoples experiences you can benefit from: money, time and effort? What would you do with the freed time? Would you spend that time on yourself or your family? Is the product line unique? Is there much competition? Do you have to keep a paper trail? Do you have to ship the product? What other expenses then do you have to factor in? How much money, after expenses, will you have after each sale? If the profit is low, you will have to sell a large amount. Is it Mlm? Mlm is illegal. It is a poor model for the home network business. Everyone in a money making position gets a small portion of the pie? You want the majority of the pie! The business model is changing for the 21st century.

Being present with one self is more prevalent. We are moving away from the industrial age. Opening new frontiers in the information age where people desire leadership and more personal freedom. People are requesting to spend more quality time with their family.

Having a say or a choice in everyday life, including their career choices. Being present and aware of whatever that thought becomes. Daily travel is different then being in rush hour traffic.

Watching your child daily is different then going to daycare, to work and back. There are other alternatives and freedom if its sought.

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