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Create Your eBay World

Find your homepage on eBay and customize it to suit your tastes So you're an avid eBay buyer and seller, and you routinely participate in eBay Reviews and Guides discussions, have joined several eBay Neighborhoods and you also blog on eBay. Is there some way to unify all of this information in one place so that you and others can get to it easily? What is eBay My World? You can best think of eBay My World as a kind of eBay profile page, a place where everything you do and think about eBay, from your most recent blog posts to your reviews and guides to your current auctions can be posted alongside a photo of yourself and details about who you are. In fact, eBay My World is the eBay equivalent of your personal profile page on a site like MySpace or Facebook, and it functions in much the same way, only it helps you to link to and interact with other people inside the eBay community. How do I get an eBay My World page? If you've already joined eBay, you already have one.

Your own personal eBay My World profile is always located at On the default eBay My World page that eBay creates for you, other members will see the date you joined, your feedback profile and score, and a link to your current auction listings if you are a seller. Can I customize my eBay My World page? Absolutely. On the upper-right of your eBay My World page, you'll see three links that you can use to configure and customize your own eBay My World page (see illustration). Each of these links helps you to customize your eBay My World page in a slightly different way. ? The add content link is used to add or remove various types of information to or from your eBay My World page. Amongst the kinds of things that you can add to your eBay My World profile are o Your eBay Neighborhoods.

o Your eBay favorite sellers. o Your eBay blog and recent blog posts. o Your eBay reviews and guides. o An eBay bio that you can edit yourself using the supplied form.

? The change theme link is used to change the color and appearance of your My eBay World page according to your own design tastes. ? The change layout link is used to change the organization and order of the information that you've asked to be included in your eBay My World page. Join the Community If you've bought and sold on eBay already but have never participated in eBay's community-oriented features, now may be the time for you to start blogging or joining neighborhoods?and using your eBay My World page as your eBay home on the Internet.

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